Hello! I’m Katrina, a ceramic artist and potter working on Ngunnawal/Ngambri land (Canberra, Australia).

My passion for ceramics comes from a love of creating tangible, meaningful connections with those who use my pieces, and a desire to prompt people to reconsider the objects we use daily. Being able to show and talk about my work and connect with people in the community is an important part of why I make.

My ceramics practice consists of two streams of work – exhibition pieces and functional ware Through my exhibition pieces, I explore the materiality of clay and how it both conforms to and opposes human interaction i.e. the opposition between ‘nature’ and ‘culture’. I utilise the ceramic vessel as a means of exploration and engagement, and saggar-fire my work in a gas kiln to produce irregular, organic results which further reinforce the nature vs. culture dichotomy. I also find great joy in making functional ware, as it allows me to bring considered, beautifully made pieces into people’s lives and homes. These objects are often what bring small moments of joy to everyday rituals, and I love being able to pass on the passion I have for clay to people from all walks of life.

Throughout my studies and since graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) from the Australian National University in 2018, I have received wide recognition for my work, receiving many awards and exhibiting locally and interstate. Alongside my practice I teach pottery classes while also working part time as the Gallery and Events Manager at Canberra Potters, where I manage the extensive gallery program, curate exhibitions and coordinate events such as ceramic markets and festivals.

You can follow my ceramics practice more closely on Facebook and Instagram

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